Once you have determined that you and your course are eligible for student finance you need to know which body you should apply to.  UK/Home students apply and are assessed by the funding authority for the area of the UK in which they usually live:

England – Student Finance England (SFE) – For more information with regards to how SFE use household income to perform assessments click here.

ScotlandStudents Award Agency for Scotland (SAAS)

Northern Ireland – Student Finance Northern Ireland (SFNI)

Wales – Student Finance Wales (SFW)

The following Cross Nation table prepared by NASMA (National Association of Student Money Advisers) demonstrates funding availability compared with country of residence.

Cross Nations Funding 2016/17

2016-17 Cross Nations Table_Page_2

If you have any queries relating to your funding application, you should contact your funding authority in the first instance.  Their contact details will be available on their web-pages. Student Finance England has paper forms and guidance notes available for download on their website: The Student Room website ( is particularly helpful and has a lot of information which may answer your student financial questions.

Student Finance England Application – For more information on how and when to apply for your finance through SFE and the evidence you will need to provide, please see the fact sheets and videos below:

SFE Fact Sheet 2017/18                                      SFE Fact Sheet 2017/18

How and When to Apply_Page_1       Evidence_Page_1

Student Finance England video – “How to apply for Student Finance 2017/18”