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University of Lincoln SUMMER Financial Assistance Fund


The University of Lincoln SUMMER Financial Assistance Fund is open from 29th May 2018 to 7th September 2018.

It is intended to offer financial support to continuing University of Lincoln undergraduate students who are unable to work over the summer vacation period and who are experiencing financial hardship.

If your course has finished, you are not eligible for these funds but may be able to apply for welfare benefits – if you want to speak to an Adviser, you can attend a drop-in (Monday to Friday 12 noon to 2 pm) or email

If you are not sure of your eligibility for these funds, please speak to an Adviser.

      Single Undergraduate                                 Living with Partner or with Dependants

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    Summer Fund Criteria

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University of Lincoln Financial Assistance Fund

This Fund is now closed for the 2017/18 academic year for most student and will reopen for the 2018/19 academic year in October 2018.

The Fund is still open for Social Work, Nursing and Postgraduate students.

These funds have been provided by the University of Lincoln as part of the Access Agreement approved by the Office of Fair Access (OFFA).  The funds are applied for via an application process and an assessment is carried out using the evidence supplied.

Applications for 2017/18 may be submitted from 1st November 2017 until the official end of your course or 31st July 2018 (whichever is earlier). 

It you believe you are eligible, you can apply online by clicking HERE.

Paper application forms are available from the Student Support Centre or may be downloaded from the link below once the fund opens.  SINGLE UNDERGRADUATE students should complete the LIGHT GREEN form.  UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS LIVING WITH A PARTNER OR WITH DEPENDANTS should complete the DARK GREEN form and POSTGRADUATE students should complete the PURPLE form:

       Single Undergraduate                                     Living with Partner or with Dependants

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          Postgraduate                                                         Additional Assessing Notes

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For information regarding the assessment process please read the Additional Assessing Notes in conjunction with the information contained in the application form.

Privacy Statement

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Additional information for students in financial hardship.

Short Term Loans

Enrolled full-time UK home students who are eligible for a Maintenance Loan but whose funding is delayed at the start of the academic year and who have no other means of support, may apply for a Short-term Loan from the University of Lincoln Financial Assistance Fund (ULFAF). It is a loan and therefore repayable.

The University of Lincoln has authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority to give debt advice and issue short term loans.

Our Firm Reference Number (FRN) is 673570

Financial Help for International Students

International students are expected to have made full provision for their tuition fees and living costs before embarking on their programme of study as a condition of their Tier 4 visa.  Where the student experiences an unexpected event that causes financial difficulty or loss they may be able to receive support from one of these emergency funds:

Emergency Repatriation Fund

This fund is to offer exceptional emergency support to an international student who experiences an unanticipated event which requires them to have to go home urgently.  The student would be expected to be able to demonstrate that they cannot afford to pay for their own ticket as well as supply evidence of the situation.  If approved, this fund may be used to purchase a travel ticket on the student’s behalf.  These funds are not repayable by the students and this fund will be withdrawn once funds are exhausted.

Emergency Cash Loan

To be used if a student can demonstrate that they are funded by their Government (or exceptionally, by an employer) but have experienced a short delay in the receipt of a payment.  The small amount of cash which can be loaned is to assist with immediate food costs.  The student is expected to provide evidence of the delay in the receipt of their maintenance funds as well as evidence of their hardship.  This is a loan and is therefore repayable – the student is expected to provide debit card details in order to enable an automated repayment facility to be set-up.

Short-term Loan (for Students who are in financial crisis due to Civil Uprising)

This loan may be made where students are funded by their country’s Government but payments are delayed due to civil uprising.  The student is required to evidence the delay to their maintenance payments as well as provide evidence of their immediate hardship.  These loans are repayable and the student is expected to provide debit card details in order to enable an automated repayment facility to be set-up.

How to make an application:

Application forms and further information are available from the Student Funding Team, Student Support Centre.

Leeke Educational Foundation

Applications are invited for grants from young people who fulfil all three criteria given below:

  1. Are aged from 16 to 24 when funds will be needed.
  2. Reside, or whose parents/carers reside, within the boundaries of the City of Lincoln.
  3. Are in need of financial assistance through low family income and/or difficult circumstances.

For further information follow this link.

Help for Nursing Students in a Crisis 

Cavell Nurses’ Trust is able to assist student nurses on recognised training courses – in exceptional circumstances such as sudden ill health or in a crisis situation. Cavell Nurses’ Trust cannot ‘top up’ NHS nursing bursaries, usual student expenses or pay for study fees.

To receive assistance, student nurses:

  • Must be residing in the United Kingdom.
  • Must have less than £4000.00 in savings.
  • Must be in need.