How to Apply

How to Apply

Please note our School Code: G36844

Most of the work is done on-line by the student. The school will not know you are making a genuine application, nor know how much you wish to borrow until you send us the information we need.

When you are ready to apply for your loans send an email to and we will forward to you our Process Flowchart and Cost of Attendance Calculator Spreadsheet as well as answer any queries you may have. When you have completed your cost of attendance spreadsheet and are ready to submit it, please ensure that you also attach all the documents we require.

Process Flowchart                             Cost of Attendance calculator

Process Flow Chart                     

When we have completed our input and matched all your documents on the Department of Education systems, we will send you the signed and stamped letter which you can see on the spreadsheet. This will confirm your loans and you will need it for your UK visa application.