Notice of Dismissal from Work

Should you get notice if you’re dismissed from your job?

If you are dismissed from your job, you will usually have the right to a period of notice. This is the length of time between being told you have to leave your job and the day that you actually leave (the date of your dismissal). This rule doesn’t apply if you’ve been dismissed for gross misconduct. Gross misconduct includes things like stealing from your employer or being drunk or violent at work.

Some people don’t have a right to a minimum period of notice. They are people who have worked for an employer for less than a month, civil servants and some seamen. These people have to rely on their contract of employment for notice, but even if their contracts don’t mention notice, they still have the right to ‘reasonable notice’. If you are dismissed from your job without notice, you should seek help from an experienced advisor straight away. Click on the link below then scroll down and click on the heading: Notice of Dismissal from Work