Other Circumstances

Care Leavers – Students leaving the care of their local authority (LA) are able to get the same support as other students. They’re also likely to qualify for additional support.

Independent Student Status – If a student is independent, Student Finance England won’t take their parent’s income into account when working out the household income and contribution.

If the student is married, in a civil partnership or over 25 and living with their partner, Student Finance England will take the income of their husband, wife, civil partner or partner into account.

For more information regarding care leavers and independent student status see the fact sheets below:

SFE Fact Sheet 2017/18                                         SFE Fact Sheet 2017/18

Care Leavers_Page_1                  Independent Student Status_Page_1


Estrangement – Estranged students can also apply for Independent Student Status.  For more information about this process please see the Stand Alone guide for estranged students below:

Stand Alone Student Guide

Standalone Guide for Estranged Students-1