University Issues

The Specialist Advice Team is available to advise students about their rights and responsibilities in relation to their university issues. If you are experiencing any difficulties relating to your studies we can discuss with you all the options available to you and explain what actions you may need to take. We can help you clarify any university regulations or procedures. Sometimes these issues will relate to other areas; for example student finance, council tax, tenancies and welfare benefits can be affected by University Issues. The Specialist Advice Team can help you look at the whole picture before you make any decisions. Click the links below for more specific information from the Advice Service regarding withdrawing or interrupting. The Specialist Advice Team works closely with the Students Union.  The Students Union are able to support students through formal proceedings and can provide representation. The Students Union may also be able to help you make informal approaches to the University. Please follow the link to their website for more information about the Students Union. We actively refer students to the Students Union for representation or if there are issues which affect more than one student. You may find it useful to view the University’s Secretariat blog which provides detailed information about University regulations. Secretariat is part of University Registry and they are responsible for managing and administering the University’s governance structure, matters of student contention and information compliance. Follow this link to view the Secretariat blog. You can discuss your situation further with an advice worker by attending a drop-in session on a Monday – Friday between 12pm – 2pm. Alternatively email: