Useful Info from Martin Lewis

In 2012 Martin Lewis of headed the Independent Student Taskforce which was made up of groups including Universities UK, the NUS and UCAS (see full operations group). The Taskforce was independent of, but backed by, government and set its own agenda. The aim of this Taskforce was to help future students and parents in England tackle the myths and misunderstandings surrounding the changes to student finance which happened in September 2012.

A lot of the information produced by this taskforce is still really useful to listen to today. You can view some of Martin’s videos below.

(For up to date information about the Student Finance rules for your year of application please read the latest Government guidance).

You can also view Martin’s Student Loans Mythbusting section of the MoneySavingExpert here. This mythbusting guide written by Martin Lewis shows the 20+ key facts he believes every potential student, parent and grandparent should know.


Please click the images below for Martin Lewis’ free guides for Part-time and Mature students 2016:

Mature Student Guide-1   PT_Guide_16-1