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The Advice Service is based in the Student Support Centre. We are an independent service, which means that we do not form any part of the administrative structure of the University. We have no decision making powers within the University and you will not find us on any panels or boards within the University. All the advice we give is confidential including the fact that an enquiry has been made, we will not breach this confidence except in exceptional circumstances which are governed by law and are the same for all advice workers regardless of where they work. All our advisers are members of professional bodies such as: NASMA, UKCISA and IMA, and must at all times adhere to their professional standards and codes of practice which outline that  we must always act in the best interests of the students (clients) who approach us. We deliver specialist advice on key issues that affect all students at the University of Lincoln. As well as offering specialist support The Advice Service also runs workshops in relation to budgeting, housing rights and responsibilities, Tier 4 visa applications and understanding money. We provide a range of materials aimed at preventing future difficulties such as “Top Ten Tips for Renters”,  “Borrowing Money “, “Protecting your Tier 4 visa status”, “Making a successful Tier 4 visa application” and many more.

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The International Advice Team are the only people who can legally give you Immigration Advice at the University of Lincoln. We provide specialist student related immigration advice such as Tier 4 visa, Schengen visas, working, dependants and University issues in relation to your visa. We also run a Specialist Immigration Advice Drop in s every Tuesdays between 10.00 am and 2.00pm and Tier v visa workshops every Tuesday at 5.30 pm in room 101 in the Library

For information about Tier 4 visas, immigration advice and information relating to your studies and your visa click the link above.

International Advice Team Information Desk Monday – Friday – 12:00 noon – 2:00pm – Student Support Centre

Immigration Advice Drop in Tuesday 10:00am – 2:00pm

While we try to ensure that all drop-in sessions run, occasionally, due to unforeseen circumstances we have to cancel.  If you are travelling a long way and want to check the sessions are running we recommend you contact the Student Support Centre on 01522 886712 before starting your journey.

Contact the International Advice Team:

Contact the International Advice Team:

  • EMAIL – internationaladvice@lincoln.ac.uk
  • TELEPHONE (for information only)- 01522 83 7495
  • INFORMATION DROP-IN – Monday – Friday 12pm-2pm – Student Support Centre
  • SPECIALIST IMMIGRATION DROP-IN – Tuesday – 10am-2pm – Student Support Centre

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